Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I'm in hot water!

So here goes one of those awkward first posts  ... who am I?
.... and how have I found myself making the decision to start blogging tonight at 22.07 on the 31st July 2012, the night Michael Phelps won his 15th gold medal at the Olympics?

Please ignore the incredibly classy drink!

Well I'm Laura, I'm 20 and from rainy England. I'm certainly new to writing but have been reading beauty blogs for too long and wanted to add my voice to the mix.

Turns out I like a pamper, the whole relaxing evening routine - the bath, the candles, skincare, the sounds of whales as part of my special relax compilation CD. So the last bit may not be true, but I do like a good evening chill out, and I wanted to share my chilling with fellow chillers. I'm not a make up artist, and probably should look after my hair a little more than I do. For this reason, I'm focusing on what I do best, having a good old scrub in the tub and basting myself in body butter afterwards.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to be the standard reviews, favourites, routines etc with the odd lifestyle surprise thrown in.

If you also want to live life to its fullest, and love every moment of it, but appreciate an hour of me time in between hopefully parts of this blog will appeal to you.


Laura X