Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Fair Price For Beauty

Just a very quick post from me.

Supporting Australia and Illamasqua

I know this blog is not primarily about cosmetics, but I do believe in fairness. Currently the price of a $24 lipstick costs $40 in Australia. Now I am pretty jealous that I can't live in Australia, they have pretty good weather, cute koala bears and one of the greatest global soaps in Neighbours. However, do all of these great things mean that they should have to pay nearly double for the same cosmetics we use in the UK. I don't think so, and neither do Illamasqua, join the petition for a fair price for beauty, and hopefully other brands operating in Australia will get on board too. Support Illamasqua's cause and sign the petition here.

Cheeky Chanel!

Australia aren't the only company being unfairly overcharged for cosmetics. I love Chanel beauty items, and have touch wood (finds some wood to touch) never been disappointed with any of their products, however I was about disappointed after viewing this video. Have a quick look at this video, it's only four minutes, about these Chanel products sold in the UK. They may cost the same, but have a considerably reduced amount of product compared to what is being sold in the United States.

If you haven't subscribed to Wayne's videos do - they manage to strike a great balance of being short and snappy with all the information that you could need.

Finally, as I'm so obsessed with the Olympics - big congratulations to not only Andy Murray but also Laura Robson for doing British tennis so proud. However, I can't talk about Olympics tonight without mentioning how great was Usain Bolt in that 100 metre final? 


Laura X

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