Saturday, 11 August 2012

Review - Soap and Glory, Catch A Wrinkle In Time

What is it?

Soap and Glory's answer to a day moisturiser with "skin re-energizing tri-peptides and wrinkle repair youth boosters."

I should point out that Soap and Glory have recently updated the packaging of this product.

Over the past six months, this has been a bit of a love/hate product for me. I originally found that this really irritated my skin, and resulted in breakouts. However, since I got rid of my old Elemis, cleansing and toning system, (they're in my empties here), my skin has been liking this product.

The Good

Well, it's Soap and Glory so obviously this is going to come with killer packaging, and witty comments in spades. No disappointments there then. It's in one of those standard 50 ml squeezy tubes, nice and simple. I like this style of packaging for hygiene and travel reasons, even if I will have to cut it open to get the last bit out.

The skin re-energizing tri-peptides have definitely been doing something. My mother asked only the other day if I was wearing make up, I was in fact only using this moisturiser. (Although I'd like to point out I don't currently wear foundation or tinted moisturiser as I prefer to let my skin breathe. It does give a slightly shiny look to the skin, which I don't mind but oilier skins may prefer to skip.

Although the consistency is quite light and easy to rub in, in my opinion a good formula for day wear. 

I also have to mention this moisturiser smells incredible, I prefer it to the Original Pink scent. If you've ever had Orange Matchmakers, they come out around Christmas time, it's just like that, or a more orangey Terry's chocolate orange.

The Bad

This still does irritate my skin slightly, and I have now tried it with a few other cleansers. It could well be both the aroma and the parfum that has been added to this product.

Topping up on my slightly drier areas around the tip of my nose and mouth with a slightly heavier product was also essential as this areas did seem to be left quite dry. 

I also have fine lines, and have been using this constantly for about a month, I can sadly say I've seen no improvements from the "wrinkle repair youth boosters."I did get the radiance going on though, I'll take 50% of a products claims on this occasiom.

The Damn Right Ugly

I always think it's important to mention whether a product is paraben free, as many are trying to avoid, if you don't want parabens this baby has them.

Another bug bear I'm sorry, but this is a pet peeve when products do this, but in the words of Soap and Glory (in bold):

  • Don't smoke - NO I agree this is bad for your skin.
  • Don't drink - I'm going to presume this refers to alcohol and not water, fair alcohol dehydrates your skin.
  • Don't sleep deprive it - Not always easy Soap and Glory, but yes that helps, agreed.
  • Don't sun it to death - Okay, Soap and Glory we all need a bit of sun, got to get some Vitamin D, fair, but if you don't want us to get sun damaged, why can't we get some SPF in our moisturisers. Busy lifestyles mean I only want to use one cream on my face in the morning before I rush out of the door. If Johnson and Johnson can include SPF 15 in a day cream that's around £4, I don't see why this one couldn't, I'd even pay a pound or two more for the privilege.
Sorry, rant over, I don't mind advice, I'd just like it if the company would help us all a little in this quest.


I'm still enjoying using this and would probably have repurchased if it had SPF. If this doesn't bother you and you have normal to combination (but not too oily) I'd recommend this for you. For those who are sensitive the fragrances do aggravate my skin a little, and I don't have the most sensitive of skin by any stretch.

I think you could do a lot worse for £11 for a day cream and is now in all new packaging, and even when it was causing me breakouts it made a lovely hand cream, if an expensive one.

Find it here at  Boots online.

I'd definitely be interested in picking up some more Soap and Glory skincare, The Fab Pore is on my list, but I'm definitely welcome to other suggestions.


Laura X


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  4. Just come across this post when looking at reviews of the product. I also had awful breakouts the first time I used it but on a second go it seems to be alot better! Great review I agree with the highlights (and lowlights!) you found with using this product.
    Rose x