Thursday, 9 August 2012

So I don't like Jack Wills, but....

I may have bought a couple of things......

So, if I'm honest I'm a little surprised to be writing this post. I'm not really a Jack Wills girl. My name is neither Jack nor Wills so I don't see the need to have it on my jumpers, swimming caps or condoms. Yes Jack Wills do make all of these products?!?! I would actually love to know how many they actually sell.

It was actually my friend who wanted to go into the store, and she ended up talking to someone else she knew from way back when. This left me to browse Jack Wills, alone and there was a sale on. Now, usually I wouldn't be bothered, but there were some pretty hefty reductions up to 70%, so of course I had to pick up some bits.

New mug and travel card holder!

  • A Union Jack & Stars and Stripes mug - reduced from £12.50 to £5. I have loads of mugs and cups, so I don't really need this one, but it goes with my room. Does anyone else buy odd knick knacks like this to go with their room? Probably just me. These mugs may still be in Jack Wills stores, if not is online with I might add a nice selection of other mugs and bits here.
  • Floral Travel Card Holder - I can sadly no longer find this online, but I picked it up in-store reduced from £6.50 to £3. It contains some of my favourite colours and was so summery, it instantly brought a smile to my face. I don't need one of these either I have a Penguin books one for my Oyster and railcard. My slightly backward reasoning was to use on a night out. Made with laminated cotton, so can survive the odd drink spillage! I normally use these for ID, student card, Oyster if needed, and an emergency £20 taxi money. If you really like the pattern, which I do the passport cover is still available online here for £6.

Do you like Jack Wills? I'm coming around to their homeware and accessories section, ignoring swim hats etc. Let me know if you pick up any other steals this summer I'd love to read about them.


Laura X

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