Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I met the Lush Compounders

Apologies about this post being a little late I've moved back home for a month to the rainy Northern England!

On Saturday I made the TREK to Lush Regent Street, it took me over an hour to get there, but it was worth it to meet the compounders.

The compounders are the people that make the bath ballistics and the bubble bars at Lush. I always wondered what the people on the stickers that make my lip scrubs and cleansers actually look like.

Fortunately the weather in London on Saturday was positively glorious, so bath ballistics were being made outside the store. The mix of the bath bomb, so the bicarbonate, colour, scent and glitter were already pre-mixed. It's your job to mould them!

All gloved up! Must have been looking into the sun - as my eyes have gone a bit Quasimodo!

Soaking up the sun in Regents Street.

There are 3 choices that may be available on the day - 

  • Blackberry - inspired by Paris, smells of blackberry and musk.
  • Space Girl - looks like a planet, contains glitter and popping candy with a sweet citrus kick.
  • Think Pink - super girly, bright pink with a vanilla and tonka bean scent.
My chosen flowers in the mould.

Think Pink was the one available on Saturday, this meant I got to pick my three colours of flowers, I went for my favourite three blue, white and yellow. Then scoop up a large amount of pink products including heart shaped glitter and squeeze together. Best of all I got to keep my bath bomb for FREE. 

Getting stuck in - one Think Pink bath bomb produced.

I've actually never tried Think Pink and will be using it in my first bath when I'm back in London.

As I expect from Lush the compounders and staff at Lush Regent Street were delightful and are always enthusiastic about their products.

If you're in Central London this week you can meet the compounders on Friday 10th August at the Victoria branch, and on Saturday 11th August at Covent Garden which is my favourite branch.

If you can't get to a Lush store there products are all available online here, and if you ask nicely with a big order you may get a free sliver of soap!

Would love to hear your favourite Lush products? Is anyone else planning to meet the compounders?

And who knows maybe if I fail my degree maybe I can apply to be a Lush compounder and make bath ballistics all day.


Laura X


  1. Ah this looks like loads of fun! Think they have some VIP 'making sessions' at my local LUSH so may have to pop in and have a go! :-) SX

  2. Looks lots of fun! I love Lush x