Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Review - Original Source British Strawberry Shower Gel

Anyone else on a massive Olympics downer? Well, I am and still picking up a load of items that are covered in the Union Jack. On of these was the Original Source's British Strawberry Shower Gel.

Some crazy pop art for you all just because it's Tuesday and I liked it!

This is one of Original Source's special seasonal editions and is great for summer. From the bottle it smells like those giant strawberry sweets that you used to get in Woolie's Pick 'n' Mix (probably showing my age here - 22 for the record). On the skin it does this slightly strange thing and smells sweeter, more like strawberry mixed with desiccated coconut.

As usual with Original Source the gel quality is good with a decent lather, and lasting price at good value. You just have to do a scour of supermarkets and chemists to find the range on offer for a £1 for 250 ml.

For a £1 I really like this shower gel and Original Source, considering they're an everyday brand. To pay a pound, and get a product made in the UK, vegan and scented with natural fragrances. I don't think they can be beat.

Here's what it actually looks like, wouldn't want you to miss it on the supermarket shelves.
If you're a sweet strawberry fan and want to try a decent shower gel on a budget I highly recommend Original Source. Just a shame they don't have body lotions to layer scents with. Good job The Body Shop has an excellent Strawberry Body Butter then!


Laura X

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