Thursday, 2 August 2012

Review - Yankee Candle Island Spa

Meet Island Spa my first small Yankee Candle jar. I find this at a bargain price of £4 in Clintons during a sale instead of the usual £8 and I've thoroughly enjoyed burning it.
The wax itself is a lovely sea green like colour, which the candle retains even after burning. The green colour itself I find to be very relaxing and soothing - perfect for your own spa treatment.
The wick itself is easy to light and doesn't produce much smoke. The candle burns smoothly and evenly, and unlike many of my cheaper candles has not tunneled at all. The candle claims to last for around 25-40 hours, I burn it 2-3 hours at a time and have found it to be about two thirds of the way down after around 12 hours burn time.
Yankee Candle - Island Spa

The scent itself compromises of mandarin and lemon verbena. I love citrus and this is what originally drew me to the Island Spa range, however the citrus with the freshness of the verbena does mean it leans towards a lemon cleaning product. I really like burning this candle, particularly when I'm working, I find it a particularly calm and refreshing scent. Recommended.

Treatments to Combine This With

I think this candle would be really wonderful for a spa evening, and is definitely a bathroom scent. I'd layer this with a bath of something with a citrus or herbal vibe, or one of those evenings when you want to forget all your troubles, and the thought that you still have to hit the early morning commute at 7.30 am.

Strangely the strong herbal scent always reminds me to get my specialist skincare treatment and my Body Shop Peppermint foot range to give myself the full body overhaul.

  • Good quality wax with no tunneling.
  • Scent lasts throughout, a clean citrus that does not overpower the room.
  • Pretty and practical packaging.
  • Wick is easy to light and trim.
  • Small jars good for travel, can fit in a hand, so don't take up too much worktop space.
  • Yankee are widely available online and in stores including Debenhams.

  • May not be to everyone's tastes as the citrus is a bit 'Pledgey'.
  • Expensive, although I have yet to find a cheaper candle range that burns so evenly with good throw, so I am happy to pay more.
  • Although widely available can be hard to find a specific scent.


Laura X

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