Friday, 24 August 2012

Review - The Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation

After doing a post about the science of parabens, I thought I would tell you my thoughts on a few of the paraben free products I have been trying up.  First up we have The Sanctuary's Active Reverse Facial 30 Day Thermal Transformation ... wow, what a mouthful of a name!

A 1 day treatment from the 30 day transformation!
I received this as a sample in a Debenham's order, and I was really looking forward to trying it out. It's a specifically designed two step mask where you first out on the Peptide Transformation Serum, followed by the Thermal Rose Clay Mask.

I really enjoyed using the serum, it was a white cream type texture and the sample provided was adequate to cover my face and neck. It smelled nice, a bit lavendery I thought, and didn't irritate my skin in anyway.

The two step process!
The clay based mask is a rather fetching salmon pink colour, and boy does it get hot when you apply it to the skin, leave on for fifteen minutes and wipe away with a muslin cloth. Due to putting this on my face whilst having a bath, on a summer's day, my face was uncomfortably warm, maybe one to try in the coming colder months then.

The mask did not dry quickly like other clay based masks, and was actually easily removed with the use of a muslin cloth and warm water.

The Sanctuary say in one application my skin will look brighter and tauter. I couldn't say I saw these results, my skin did feel smoother and I didn't get the tight feeling in my skin that I often get after clay based masks. However, I did notice my dry patches around my nose and mouth were more pronounced after use of the product, and there was some patchy redness throughout my face, after using the product for the recommended time.

I did like the mask, but without testing for the full thirty days using every other day I can't comment on the full results. Compared to something like Alpha H Liquid Gold which also acts to boost radiance, by removing the top layer of skin cells, I find this mask much more time consuming and messy, as not all nights can be pamper nights, and turn into more wash and go events, a product like the Alpha H suits my unpredictable lifestyle much more.

I think this may suit those with slightly oilier skin than mine, and probably more mature skin to see the full results. I would give a cautious recommendation of this product for those with sensitive skin, due to the redness that I saw after application. If you have dry skin I'd definitely be applying your normal moisturing cream after using this mask. For the full effects to be seen, you really have to be committed to use the product three times a week, and not on consecutive days.

Please note, due to the mask's action of removing the top layer of skin cells to achieve the radiant effect, always apply a product containing SPF after using this mask.

The product is available here on the Boots website for £27.50.

I don't think this is a rebuy for me at £27.50, but I will certainly be looking into The Sanctuary's serums.


Laura X

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  1. I have this sample too, I've been meaning to try it for a while, though I'm not sure it'll be any good for my skin (its very dry). Thanks for the review :)